Continuing My Insatiable Passion For Learning
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Continuing My Insatiable Passion For Learning

Living a lifestyle in harmony with the environment has been a very important part of my own life. I had been how to live a more environmentally aware life and a huge pile of novels about recycling and the woman in school buying World Wildlife Fund T-shirts. This fire continued through my adolescent years and faculty with creating my very own organic and natural beauty products such as deodorant, face serums and oils, clay face sprays, bath soaks, shampoo, and hair soaks. I dreamed of having the ability to create these types of goods for men and women, mixing my joy with spreading conscious products for everyday life could be in creating such amazing products.

My travel in healthcare started at St. Agnes Hospital in 2010. At 16 years old, I got my Certified Nursing Assistant CNA permit during my high school and Agnesian Healthcare’s Youth Apprenticeship Program. I had the chance to work in a lot of regions of Agnesian Healthcare, and I loved working at the Medical Imaging department so long I’ve worked as a cao dang y duoc tphcm CNA there ever since. Throughout school, I majored in nursing and radiologic technology at Marian University in my study, however I was not feeling fulfilled. I understood there was. A woman in my entire life, realizing my enthusiasm and living in harmony with nature, indicated I research acupuncture. This is the beginning of my trip using Chinese medication.

I graduated with a Bachelor in Oriental Medicine in September 2018 and started studying traditional Chinese medicine. Continuing my enthusiasm for studying, I graduated along with my Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in August 2019. Chinese medicine concentrates so intensely on their relationship with the environment , the various substances within the human body and each person. Living a harmonious lifestyle is the backbone of wellness, along with the methods of Chinese medicine, including massage, herbal medicine, nutrition, exercise, and acupuncture helps us reach this lifestyle of health. I am thankful for this route of wellbeing and health, and I enjoy educating and sharing community and my patients at all these remedies.